Who is Hamaonoverdrive?

27 y.o. woman (she/her), online I go by Shock or Hamaon. Currently a STEM-field PhD student with a background that's bounced around all letters of that acronym, as might be apparent through the content of this site. I enjoy videogames, anime, and western TV in my spare time, and enjoy creating digital art (and the ocassional cosplay).

You can catch a much more stream-of-consiousness feed of my interests through my twitter; in general I intend to use this site as more of a portfolio and long term archive.

Contact Information

Discord: YOUはSHOCK#6861
Twitter: @hamaonoverdrive

I'll respond to all friend requests/DMs in due time, as long as it isn't overly-personal or smells like a scam.

What is Hamaonoverdrive?

Handle etymology:

Hamaon (ハマオン): Light aligned spell with low chance of instant killing one enemy. More effective on dark or chaos-aligned demons.
From the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Hamon Overdrive (波紋疾走オーバードライブ Ōbāduraibu, lit. "Ripple Dash/Sprint"): Specialized martial-arts technique using energy identical to the sun's rays. Can be used to heal wounds and is effective against undead creatures.
From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, parts 1 and 2.